Published on 11/08/2017 11:17 am
5 Features of My Airtel App That Make it Popular

India's leading telecom operator, Airtel is known for its stellar network and efficient customer care services. However, besides their telecom capabilities, one aspect of Airtel which has been in the limelight for all the right reasons is their extremely versatile mobile app, My Airtel App. Let's take a look at the top 5 features of this ingenious app.

1.Check Network Coverage

In order to distinguish itself from its competitors, Airtel has come up with a sensational new feature which allows you to check and analyse the network coverage within your area. You can probe the status of Airtel's current mobile towers while also examining future plans of any new towers being installed in your locality. Moreover, if you have anything to say about the current network connectivity, you can even share your feedback with the company about any issues or concerns regarding the network coverage/connectivity with the help of this feature. 

2.Airtel Backup

Another remarkable feature is the Airtel Backup which provides 2GB of free cloud storage while letting you backup your phone data absolutely free of cost. Another app developed in-house by Airtel, this feature is available for both prepaid and postpaid users. Additionally, there aren’t any data upload charges for the scheduled overnight backups either. 

3.Recharge all Your Accounts

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a prepaid, postpaid, broadband or digital TV user for any company, Airtel or others; with the My Airtel App, you can now make use of online recharge. Additionally, you can even check your monthly bill, follow your data consumption while keeping tabs on the latest tariff plans available or introduced in the market with the help of this app. 

4.Get Access to the Latest Offers & Deals

When you make use of the App, you get unparalleled access to the best deals along with exciting offers. For instance, as part of their introductory offer, Airtel is also offering 50 free local Airtel to Airtel minutes for individuals who make use of this app. Additionally, Airtel is also offering it’s users, 2GB of cloud storage space absolutely free of cost. All you need to do to get enjoy these offers and others is to install the latest version either from the Google Play Store if you have an Android Phone or from the App Store if you have an iPhone.

5.Contact Customer Care

Thanks to this feature, you no longer have to call up go through cumbersome customer care procedures in order to raise a service request. With the help of this app, all you need to do is create and view a request is just give a description of the issue you’re facing and the rest will be taken care of at the backend.

Dubbed 'One App for All Apps’, the My Airtel App has taken the market by storm and is bundled with a plethora of features which has helped the company cement its position as the market leader and innovator.

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