Published on11/29/2017 1:18 pm

Let's admit: we are a Facebook-obsessed and Twitter, Instagram-loving society with a constant tendency of Google surfing, and Email inbox checking. It is almost impossible to unplug ourselves from our Smartphone, whether to check our messages or talk at length with a friend. And this addiction to hold on to our mobile phone all the time, from morning to midnight, is prevalent across all age groups, irrespective of profession or place. Tourists are especially more prone to keep their smartphones with them at all times, with the need to stay updated, and know the surroundings. The fact is that it is the best of postpaid plans running on these mobiles, that are a favorite of tourists.

But, if you, as a tourist, are not aware of the cost of calling or data, you may just decide to keep your phone switched off rather than incur heavy expenditures. Here, we are sharing some tips to keep your phone up and running, and why making postpaid plans your best friend is desirable when traveling to

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