Published on 10/27/2017 12:15 pm
Is your Postpaid Bill Still High? Here's How to Reduce

The phone bills are nothing but a liability on us, and sometimes, their monthly expenses are comparatively more than our electricity bills. Yes, that’s really possible! We cannot ignore the importance of these gadgets in our lives, but we can definitely manage the costs associated with it. So, follow these quick tips to see an instant drop in your postpaid plans billing rates.

1). Go for a Family Plan

Be smart and let the family plan save you loads of money in the long-run. As the name suggests, such plan meets the calling and data requirements of the whole family. Find a decent plan that matches your family needs, and make the best use of free minutes and data plan provided. In case, you are residing in a hostel or PG, try spreading the costs equally among all the users.

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2). Grab a Corporate Discount

There are many companies which offer reasonable discounts on postpaid plans to their employees. If your company provides such discounted facilities, then wake up and grab these privileged benefits right away. You can make free calls and even use data services depending on the postpaid plans your organization provides. And there are cases when employees are allowed to enjoy these discounts even after they make an exit.

3). Use SMS Abundantly

Many plans such as the Airtel postpaid plans offer free sms with their plans. Now, you may think SMS is old school, but it provides the same services as Internet enabled chats. Send and receive messages free of cost and save on your data amount. All  you need to do is turn off the mobile data and use your sms to send messages, videos,  etc., and enjoy almost the same level of connectivity. That way you can choose a plan with a lower data amount!

4). Cut the Extras

Spare a minute and check if your phone is loaded with the services which you don’t add value to your life. Is your carrier asking you to pay for a GPS facility, maps or maybe or mobile insurance? If you think that these activities are not worth your money, then just avoid using them.

5). Use apps for Calling Purpose

Several apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Hike, etc. are offering free audio and video calling facilities for free. Have a good data plan and you’re good to talk to your near and dear ones for long-long hours. If calling doesn’t look feasible, then send unlimited free text messages to your contacts. Ultimately, you will free yourself from paying those hefty phone bills every month.  


Follow any of the aforementioned tips, and you can choose a plan with a lower monthly rental. In fact, major telecom players offer their subscribers a host of benefits. Check out the benefits while choosing a postpaid plan and then follow the above tips to further reduce the costs incurred.

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