Published on 08/28/2017 11:22 am
The Reasons for popularity of Broadband

If you were to look up the term broadband, the description you are most likely to come across is an internet connection at very high speed. And with companies offering speeds going up to 100Mbps it would hardly surprising for you to know that most people are willing to pay extra rather than face lags in their connectivity.

Advantages of Broadband

24 Hour connectivity – There is no downtime. If you want to talk to a colleague at 2am or want to chat with a friend at 12 noon, as long as the modem switch is on, you can connect. It is available 24-hours a day and service providers offer consistent speeds at every second.  In modern day, this connectivity enables you to help a child complete their MUN preparation or look up a disease diagnosed in your family.

High speeds – Since the advent of Internet, all the companies work tirelessly to create better technologies to increase the speed at which Internet reaches the homes. The latest in this is the copper cable based on vectorization technology that allows speed of up to 100 Mbps. At these speeds, downloading a full length HD movie is just a matter of minutes. Imagine downloading a video shared by a cousin travelling to the Alps without any trouble whatsoever, and once downloaded, you can watch it as many times as you want.

Limited costs – With the amount of work that you can do with the best broadband in Chennai or any other city of the country, the costs are surprisingly low. For as little as a dinner bill for a meal for four people at a simple restaurant, you can enjoy internet connectivity through the month. This cost gives access to wifi connectivity for multiple devices from phones to laptops and allows each person in your home to use Internet as they deem fit.

Multiple usages – Internet use, as is popularly thought, is not limited to communicating with loved ones and entertainment with videos and movies. There is so much more you can do with a high speed and reliable broadband connection. Use the cloud to store photographs, use interrupted connections to share thoughts with the world, research on the latest trend to impress your boss with your idea, learn about different religions, the possibilities are limitless.

Broadband Services in the City of Chennai

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, the popularity of the broadband in Chennai can be directly attributed to the city’s status as a technological hub. Today the city boasts of being home to the automobile industry, electronics hardware, engineering procurement and construction, medical tourism, banking and finance to name a few. The growth of each industrial sector has allowed the city to attract the best of national and international talent, thereby increasing the demand and dependency on the Internet. It should therefore come as no surprise that Airtel, India’s leading broadband player, chose Chennai as the launching ground for its high-speed connectivity with v-fiber technology. Broadband service providers are in the forefront of the city’s growth offering lucrative broadband plans at different price points to the citizens of this city.

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