Published on 09/02/2017 8:35 am
Role of Internet in Modern Education

In this technology era, we can't even imagine a single day without the Internet. The evolution of Internet has triggered a massive revolutionary impact in the fields of education. These days, education and the Internet get intertwined with each other in such a way, that without having Internet from any of the Internet service providers, the lives of the new generation of students all over the world would be blank.

Online Availability

It has become a resource for the students all around the globe, to get useful information related to their studies. And the teachers use the Internet as the supplement of their lessons. Many prestigious schools and universities have opened up a part of their courses via free tuitions, lectures. Some institutes offer modules of the course online. As a result, the students can complete their studies and courses on different genres without worrying about attending pre-fixed classes.  

Lessons Enhanced

Both the teachers and students can get extra resources and study materials from the Internet, like the interactive lessons, educational games, preschool learning videos for kids, etc. Many colleges and universities have already introduced 'hybrid' courses to the students. This type of courses is a mix up of classroom based studies with online courses. Now the students don't require being present at every class with the heavy text books. Now, even the homework, tests, research can be done from the computer having access to Internet.

Study and Research

The Internet possesses a wealth of knowledge; it is a vast library, which holds online encyclopedias providing knowledge on several topics beyond our imagination. Nowadays, the teachers from reputable schools, colleges, and universities ask their students to go to certain websites to complete their studies from home. With a wide range of sources, the students have become able to dig deeper to acquire knowledge on a specific subject matter or topic.

Better Communication

The Internet has improved the interrelation between the students and the teacher. Earlier, when a student forgot a specific part of the lecture, he had to wait for his next day meeting with the teacher. But now, the students and teachers can stay always connected with each other through the Internet. It has become able to fill in the communication gap between the teachers and students. The teachers can assist the students, and the students can ask for a revision of the lectures to the teachers, any time they want.


Many reputable universities like Harvard, Oxford, Yale, have opened up their free online courses on the different subject matter for the students across the globe. These courses typically come with lecture videos, and online notes, and tests. This means you don’t need to pay expensive tuition fees or fly off to the foreign countries to earn degrees on these specific courses. The Internet has made education possible and accessible to almost all the layers of students, in a far better way. This much huge success of the Internet has led the Internet service providers to come with new data plans that can be useful for the students and teachers.

The Internet has made it possible for the students to earn degrees from a foreign university through online courses. It has even allowed the retired teachers to educate the students of poor countries online. It has opened up new scopes of gaining knowledge in a broader aspect.

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